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The goal of foster care is to provide support and care for a young person from a family in crisis in order that either reunification with parent(s) or other family members or another suitable permanent living arrangement can be facilitated...

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Adopting a child is a momentous decision. Understanding your options and the process is important to successfully making an addition to your family.

You may be considering adopting a child through your state’s department of children and family services or going through a private adoption agency. You may have the opportunity to adopt an older child or a baby. You may also be considering adopting a child from another country.

Adoptions generally follow one of two general guidelines, open adoption or closed adoption.

Open Adoptions

Open adoption is a term used when the adoption process allows interaction between the adoptive parents and the birth parents. This process allows family members to interact in ways that feel comfortable to them. Each side’s wishes are taken into consideration.

The interaction between the birth parents and the adoptive parents includes communication such as telephone calls, emails, letters and visits. Before this can occur the frequency of contact is negotiated between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. The contact can vary for each case. Some contact is open to every month or so or can range to several years. This open contact can ensure that as the child grows and has more questions about his or her adoption the questions can be answered. 



The Adoption Option If You Can't Have Children

One of the most hurtful points for a family comes when a couple cannot have children. If you cannot have children, that does not mean you cannot have a large family. You can adopt one or more children to add some love to your family. While it will be different than raising your own child, it can be a wonderful experience for p...



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