Adopting a child is a momentous decision. Understanding your options and the process is important to successfully making an addition to your family...

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There are several things to consider when looking for a good adoption attorney. You may not want to go with the one with the biggest ad in the yellow pages, or the one with the flashiest ad. Finding an attorney to meet your needs may be a little more difficult than that. You should find an attorney that can understand your situation and assist you in your quest to adopt a child.

We have compiled some questions that you should ask before hiring an adoption attorney.

  1. How many adoptions have you completed?
  2. How many this year?
  3. How many have you handled where the birth mother backed out?
  4. Do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate?
  5. What is the average cost of an adoption?
  6. Do you require a retainer in advance?  If so, how much?
  7. What happens to the funds is the birth mother changes her mind?
  8. What is your experience, knowledge and competence?
  9. How long have you worked with the adoption process?
  10. Do you find the birth mothers? If so, how? (Attorneys in some states cannot match you to a birth mother. They have to be represented by different attorneys)
  11. How will your office keep me informed of all the process on my case?
  12. What made you decide to handle adoption cases?
  13. Do you handle open adoptions, closed adoptions or both?
  14. Do you handle setting up the counseling for the birth mother and us?
  15. Will you also be involved in the adoption finalization?
  16. Do you have a toll-free number so that the birth mother can call?
  17. Who will be able to assist me with my case if you happen to be out of the office?



The Adoption Option If You Can't Have Children

One of the most hurtful points for a family comes when a couple cannot have children. If you cannot have children, that does not mean you cannot have a large family. You can adopt one or more children to add some love to your family. While it will be different than raising your own child, it can be a wonderful experience for p...



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