Adopting a child is a momentous decision. Understanding your options and the process is important to successfully making an addition to your family...

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Some parents choose to adopt their child from a foreign country. In most cases, the decision to adopt from another country stems from an effort to avoid long waits for a baby in the United States. The top ten countries from which United States adoptions took place were China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Russia, South Korea and Ukraine.

Every country has its own requirements that must be met in order to adopt. Most countries require that couples are married for more than three years, and there are age limits for some countries. Some countries require the adopting couple to travel to the country twice, once to identify the child and a second time to adopt the child. South Korea does not allow parents to adopt if they are more than 30% over their ideal weight.

Adopting parents need to research the requirements of the countries they are interested in before making a decision to adopt from that country. Adoption attorneys are very helpful in this process and they are up to date on each countries adoption rules and regulations. Contact an adoption attorney today.

There are several things that you may want to consider before adopting.



The Adoption Option If You Can't Have Children

One of the most hurtful points for a family comes when a couple cannot have children. If you cannot have children, that does not mean you cannot have a large family. You can adopt one or more children to add some love to your family. While it will be different than raising your own child, it can be a wonderful experience for p...



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