Foreign Adoption

Some parents choose to adopt their child from a foreign country. In most cases, the decision to adopt from another country stems from an effort to avoid long waits for a baby in the United States...

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Foster Care

The goal of foster care is to provide support and care for a young person from a family in crisis in order that either reunification with parent(s) or other family members or another suitable permanent living arrangement can be facilitated.

At times, the bond that develops during foster care will lead to the foster parents adopting the child. In some instances, children may be placed in a long-term foster placement.

In America, the foster care system is one in which a certified, stand-in “parent(s)” cares for minor children who have been removed from their birth parents or other custodial adults by state authority. These foster parents have a huge responsibility to care for these children, and most children come into foster care with many emotional and physical issues.

Some parents can voluntarily place their children in foster care until they can show the state that they can provide appropriate care. If not the rights of the birth parents are terminated and the child is adopted. Voluntary foster care may be utilized in circumstances where a parent is unable or unwilling to care for a child. A child may have behavioral problems requiring specialized treatment or the parent might have a problem which results in a temporary or permanent inability to care for the child(ren) due to financial hardship or the inability to physcologically handle the disability of the child.

In either case, children are placed in foster care most times because the state believes that to do so is necessary for the child’s safety.



The Adoption Option If You Can't Have Children

One of the most hurtful points for a family comes when a couple cannot have children. If you cannot have children, that does not mean you cannot have a large family. You can adopt one or more children to add some love to your family. While it will be different than raising your own child, it can be a wonderful experience for p...



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