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Some parents choose to adopt their child from a foreign country. In most cases, the decision to adopt from another country stems from an effort to avoid long waits for a baby in the United States...

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People choose to adopt a child for many reasons. From couples dealing with infertility to single persons wanting to become parents, no matter what has brought you to the point of considering adoption it is an act of love and kindness. Opening your heart and home to a child in need of a loving environment can be a struggle and a blessing.

Understanding your own psychology and needs associated with wanting to be a parent and the needs of the child you adopt is essential to making a happy and healthy home. You need to research your options in regard to adoption. What type of adoption will you be most comfortable with? Open? Closed? Agency? Private? International? Maybe you are a foster parent hoping to adopt a child that has been placed in your home. Each situation requires careful consideration.

In some cases, waiting for the placement of a child can take years. Being patient and understanding the process will help you through the emotional rollercoaster that may lie ahead.

Adoption is also a legal process. Having an experienced adoption attorney can help you navigate around the legal pitfalls and keep surprises from sideswiping you. Even with a dedicated adoption lawyer, there may be road blocks, but having an attorney can make you less likely to fall prey to unscrupulous people.

We created this Web site as a resource to provide you with information about adoption, foster care and your options for bringing a child into your family. Consider your options carefully and understand them fully before moving forward.


The Adoption Option If You Can't Have Children

One of the most hurtful points for a family comes when a couple cannot have children. If you cannot have children, that does not mean you cannot have a large family. You can adopt one or more children to add some love to your family. While it will be different than raising your own child, it can be a wonderful experience for p...



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